(AUDIO)-Nana Akua insults actress Zynell Zuh -Calls her Stupid and Childish- This is how actress Zynell Zuh Reacted

This is how actress Zynell Zuh Reacted after Nana Akua’s Insults

It looks like since the day Bibi bright revealed most of the secrets about Nana Akua Addo,apparently claims she is a backstabber,stupid and more.

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In that expose, a lot of celebrities were brought in the fray.In that, Bibi Bright spoke about all the things Nana Akua Addo had said about the likes of Becca,TooSweet Annan,Zynell Zuh and co.

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A lot of the celebs who were mentioned in that fights have come out to react on that brawl.

And it looks there will be more celebrities who will come out to react to the things actress Nana Akua has said about them.Actress Zynell Zuh whose name was mentioned in that have come out to react.

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In an audio circulating Nana Akua (the alleged backstabber) calls her(Zynell Zuh) stupid and childish for whatever reason you will definitely find after reading.

Zynell Zuh who sounded pissed off when she listened to the audio put up a long post on instagram in an attempt to react to Nana Akua’s calls;

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Listen to the audio and read Zynell Zuh’s reaction;



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