11 Most humble yet very rich celebrities in Ghana who live simple lives| No doubt about #7

11 Most humble yet very rich celebrities in Ghana who live simple lives| No doubt about #7

A celebrity’s life is most often than not full of drama and sometimes even scandals. Most celebrities do everything possible to stay in the limelight

But it should be noted that not all celebrities love the extravagant live styles of other celebrities. Some actually enjoy drama free life. And some are highly humble irrespective of the status and wealth.

Top ten most humble celebrities yet very rich Ghanaian list have been compiled by Ghpage.com and we would love to take our readers through it. ENJOY


This lady Martha Ankomah is probably the most innocent and humble actress in Ghana as at now. She is extremely cool and never misses church.

Not surprisingly, she is one of the top ten richest actresses in Ghana and she is famous too.

Martha Ankomah

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John is one of the most talented actors not just in the Ghana movie industry but the whole of Africa. He is very rich. He is the owner of “Maselo hotel”. He is a fashion designer with his own clothing line and an ambassador to for a lot of products.

But one amazing thing that stand out about this award-winning actor is his humble and very jovial lifestyle. In fact had it not been couple of years back  entered politics, not many people would have heard his voice on the movie set.


Rated as the most expensive actor in Ghana, Majid live a very humble life with his family free of any extravagances and drama.

Besides the acting, he is the owner of real estate in Ghana. For sometime now, its been rumored Majid Michel is now a pastor. I would’t be surprised.

Majid Michel



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