Grandchildren in shock as wads of cash hidden by their grandfather falls from ceiling (video)

The grandchildren of a man were shocked when wads of cash fell from the ceiling of their late grandfather’s home.

A Nigerian entertainer who is based in America, Chinomso Prince Egbuchere and his family have been left in a state of bewilderment after they discovered a huge sum of Biafran pounds their grandfather hid in the ceiling .

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It is believed that the man hid the money there during the Biafra war and no one knew about it for decades until it fell this Christmas.

The grandfather died three decades ago and reportedly hid the money along with other items in the ceiling.

According to Prince Egbuchere, the money fell from the ceiling and everyone thought it was a charm ‘Juju‘ as they took to their heels, only for one of the family members to open it to see the wads of Biafran cash.

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Sharing the video, Prince Hollywood used the caption: “Grandpa why?

Watch video below:

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