Guys Pay Attention!: 10 Things Ghanaian Girls Say Instead Of ” I Love You” – #7 Is Very Funny

Guys Pay Attention!: 10 Things Ghanaian Girls Say Instead Of

By nature, women are shy. But I believe Ghanaian women are worse when it comes to expressing their feelings.”They can’t tell you to your face “I love you” because of archaic societal norms.

No matter how much they have fallen for a guy, they will still dawg and beat around the bush whiles using shyness as the excuse to express their feelings.

Luckily, there are several expressions they use when they are into you and want you to approach them with a love proposal. presents you with 8 basic Things Ghanaian Girls Say Instead Of ” I Love You”.

1. ‘ I don’t want your girlfriend to come and beat me o!’

Women are clever creatures. She wants to know if it’s safe for her to keep crushing on you. You know no lady want to share a man. She asks you that question to find out if you have a girlfriend or not.

2. ‘Is there a light in your house?’

Yes, we have electricity cuts (Dumsor) in Ghana and a such it’s no surprise she may not have a light in her house. But the issue here is, why you?She most likely has girlfriends she could have easily visited but she chose to call you and ask that. The answer is simple.This means she wants to come over to your house and hang out, but she is looking for an excuse to avoid making it obvious.

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3. ‘You can’t even call me sometimes’

Genuinely it could be she just wants to hear from you but 9 out of 10 times, She misses you and wish you are in her life. Don’t miss the chance bro.  ‘You can’t even call me sometimes’ is the code for ‘I miss you’



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