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Ghpage is a media agency providing information, digital ideas, innovations to provide precise information about Ghana concerning Entertainment, Celebrity gossips, Health-Wellness and relationship tips and of course a little bit of Politics and social issues.The news we bring is expected to educate, entertain and enhance the general well-being of the reader.Run by a group of passionate individuals whose main aim is to help people get happy and healthy. is leading source for trusted entertainment, relationship tips, and health news. We educate, inform and bring to your doorstep the everyday health issues and awareness- trending news around the world as well.


Launched in May,2016, we believe that every individual, family or community deserves a right to proper news information which assists in good health care. Thus, which includes provision of credible information each day, anywhere and anytime.

Through routine online information, interactions and engagements, Ghpage selects and emphasises the main information — that is interesting, entertaining and useful for our readers.

Our mission is to be your guide and lead your through the news.Be the one to mention when it comes to news delivery and accuracy.

We continually improve our audience experience by analyzing their content preferences, while our engineers implement the cutting-edge technology to build the most convenient digital platform in Ghana and beyond.


The smartest, selfless, self-motivated and dedicated people work every day to provide the best service and to make our clients and users happy.

People/Our Users: The primary value for us is our audience. We create relevant content that matters and use multiple distribution channels, convenient for people.

Impact: We select and cover the most trending and significant topics with an emphasis on local news to enrich Ghanaians' everyday lifestyle.


Also, Ghpage is the fastest growing vertical news portal online property which has an urban touch to ever spring out of the world. The site is updated daily so as you can get the latest trends in Entertainment, Lifestyle, health, business, technology, social/viral issues, and facts.

Our youtube channel GhPage TV is on beautiful journey so you have an exclusive glimpse of all the amazing videos and behind the scenes. We deliver the news to you on screens-That’s what the channel seeks to do.Bring you what others dare do. Subscribe to our channel now and feel free to share our content with family and friends.

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Co-founder, Editor-in Chief

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Co-founder, Managing editor

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Developer, SEO

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Brands, social media editor and director of video production

Justice Boakye

Publisher, writer

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Publisher, writer

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Publisher, writer

Nana Yaw

Publisher, writer

Yaw Boakye Agyeman

Video director

F. Christiee

Media Presenter

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