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Avoid single mothers – Bongo Ideas advises single men

It’s important to note that generalizations about entire groups of people can be inaccurate and unfair. While some single men may have reservations about dating single mothers, this is not necessarily true for all single men.

That being said, some single men may have concerns about dating single mothers due to a variety of reasons, including:

Fear of commitment: Some men may see dating a single mother as a sign of commitment or responsibility that they are not ready for.

Financial concerns: Single mothers may have different financial obligations than women without children, which could be seen as a burden to some men.

Prioritizing children: Single mothers may have less time to devote to dating and building a relationship due to the demands of parenting.

Complexity of the situation: Some men may see dating a single mother as more complicated than dating someone without children, as they may have to navigate co-parenting relationships or deal with the involvement of an ex-partner.

It’s important to remember that every person and situation is unique, and it’s up to each individual to decide what they are comfortable with in a relationship.

However, controversial Ghanaian blogger Bingo Ideas has advised single men to ignore and avoid single mothers with all their might.

Sharing the controversial opinion on his Facebook wall, the fearless critics simply wrote;



Below are some of the popular comments gathered under the trending post…

Poko Poko on Facebook for instance wrote;

The fact that 928 single mothers are crying and cursing Bongo ideas but he’s alive and fine makes me believe spiritual curses don’t work

Don’t come and tell me it’ll work in future.

The future is now

Samuel Abotere Addo JuniorYou chased a friend of mine having a child for a whole year but she bounced you… Because you saw she was doing extremely well in her business you wanted to go and chop some abi? Cheap you.

Patisco Graphixs Stop comparing. Comparison is the road to nowhere. You’re good enough for yourself, and that’s the MOST important thing.

Learn to appreciate yourself. Embrace the fact that every person is unique, not a copy of others. You are special with your own thoughts, your own talents, your own abilities and your own uniqueness. You may think that you are not good enough, or you may cultivate your uniqueness and develop talents.

Other people may have different values and that’s why underestimate your life, but why should you care about others’ opinion

It’s much more important how you feel about your changeable life.

Recognize yourself as a unique individual with special abilities and talents

Samuel Twum Essien – ?w? s? dabiaaaa wo keka nkwasias?m saaaa anaaa s? sen?Who even raised you at all?Im not sure ur parents raised u else you wouldnt be kwasia mpanin saaa..Aboa so the likes of Jackie Appiah,Yvone Nelson other beautiful ladies in this country are all single mothers and are you telling us that if anyone had an opportunity to be with one of them a,y?ngyae na y?n b?di wo maame anaaa?Sia man.

Humble Caleb BrownMost are rude,bitter and angry seeking revenge while few are kind learnt from their past mistakes and others are widow which you can’t blame them for being so not all you should avoid.

Safuratu MohammedThis boy is always giving people high BP but still people will just be bleeding about his post . As for me, I have understand all his tricks so I won’t fall for it. Just have sense of humor and you can stay with him forever

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