Things You Need To Expect From The 2018 Budget

Finance minister, Ken Ofori Attah, will be presenting the 2018 budget on the floor of parliament. Prior to the much-awaited budget presentation, many stakeholders have shared similar sentiments on their expectations from the budget.

As it stands now, seeking for job and also business set up has been a major problem most Ghanaians are facing. Be it all as it may, Ghanaians expectations are very high since there are numerous complains of hardship economy.

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Free SHS

Recently the government announced that there will be a free B.E.C.E registration. Prior to that many were seeking for where to get money to finance such a monumental policy. Therefore Ghanaians are expecting to know how the free SHS will be expanded and to meet unforeseen contingencies in 2018 budget.

Job Creation

Nana Akufo-Addo has revealed that job creation will be the pivot of the 2018 budget and nothing else. As we speak, over 40 percent of university graduates are without jobs but Nana Addo says this is will be a thing of the past.

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IMF Programme

The IMF programme has been at the neck of Ghana since the era of John Dramani Mahama. It has been said that all preparations are aimed at meeting the fiscal targets of the (IMF).

Prices of Electricity

President Akufo-Addo has assured Ghanaians that this budget will also focus on reducing the cost of electricity for both industrial and residential users. Today’s budget reading will see most Ghanaians not willing to hear anything but a reduction of Electricity bills. Meanwhile, it has been announced by the president to cut 25% of electricity tariffs in 2018.

Fund for entrepreneurs

The 2018 budget also seeks for the interest of young entrepreneurs in the country. Minister for business development, Muhammed Awal has revealed that 2018 budget will have some space for young entrepreneurs through special funding.

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The road network across Ghana seem to be in a dilapidated state. The president has assured Ghanaians to construct roads in their bad state. Ghanaians are expecting a significant change in roads after the budget is read.

One District One Factory

The one district one factory can be termed as voter puller during the 2016 election since every Ghanaian is crazy for a job. The president has made a budget allocation for this policy which Ghanaians are expecting to hear more about it today.

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One million Dollars One Constituency

It seems this promise has been turned unfulfilled to Ghanaian since no action has been taking. Ghanaians are willing to know where these monies have been kept long in the Nations coffers without releasing it.

Tax cut

Revenue mobilization has been the major challenge in Ghana, meanwhile, tax cut ends most countries in borrowing, but yet Ghanaians are expecting a tax cut in the 2018 budget.

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