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See The 12 Types Of Girlfriends Who Are Not Relationship-Worthy

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Relationships, as perceived, can never make you feel like life is absolutely worth living. It really depends on the kinds of partners and relationships we end up with.

Some people make the right choice at the right time, and they never end up facing consequences of broken hearts.

For those of us who aren’t so lucky, however, know how incredibly traumatizing a bad relationship can be.

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There are numerous factors that can contribute to bad relationships, but a lot of times, it’s only because our chosen partner didn’t turn out to be the person we thought they were.

There are some people who lack an aspect of what makes a good relationship, these same people also have an important aspect of a relationship.

These are the kinds of girls who just need to grow and develop further before they are relationship-worthy, so until then, avoid them at all costs. Here are some examples of those kinds of girls:

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The girl who can’t commit

Consistently if you catch your girl starring other men even when she’s out with you, she’s bad. You should only date girls who can commit to the idea of being with you, and they shouldn’t be entertaining the thought of other men.

The girl who cannot control temper

Never date a girl who easily gets angry over simplest things. You are only pushing yourself into a relationship full of conflicts and arguments. It always pays to date a girl who doesn’t act on her emotions.

The girl who lets people walk all over her

Though she’s a nice girl she always lets other people take advantage of her and she never stands up for herself. At the rate that she’s going, she’s going to end up letting everyone get ahead while she’s left behind living off scraps.

The girl who is detective

This kind of girls does not trust their guys just not a single minute. She is quite the investigator when it comes to your activities and whereabouts.

She never trusts you for your word, and so she always does a lot of digging to make sure that you’re telling the truth.


Guys should always make sure to avoid the girl who has an opinion about absolutely everything. She never knows when to just keep her mouth shut and she often says things that are not relevant or out of classes.

The demanding type of girl

Most girls have an ideology that since she is dating a guy, automatically her basic needs and other stuff should be accomplished by her partner. This is the kind of girl who wants their guy to find any ways and means to get them what they need and want. Such girls demand so much of most of the time, even more than you can manage to give her.

The girl who has no direction in life

This is the girl who just doesn’t have any future plans laid out for herself. She likes to live in the moment a little too much, and she doesn’t have an eye for the future. They are always confused in life.

Constant complain

This is the girl who just can’t stop complaining about anything she sees. They are pessimistic people who only see the glass as half-empty. They always manage to see the fault in things and they always expect the worst of people.

The girlfriend with a misplaced sense of pride

Such girls lack the instinct of apologizing when they offend. She thinks that she is above everyone else and no one is worthy of her. They always think that they are the kind who blesses people in their presence. She also espouses a misplaced sense of entitlement.

The overly dependent girlfriend

This girl will make her mind that without you she cannot live or survive on the earth. She’s the type who wouldn’t be able to sustain her standard of living without you. She always seeks for support whether financially, intellectually or emotionally.

The user-friendly girlfriend

This kind of girlfriend chooses to be with you in other achieve her motives. She loves you not because of who you are, but what you can give. She will leave you in a heartbeat when you fail to provide her.

The clingy girlfriend

This is the kind of girl who you think would crumble whenever you’re not around. She is constantly asking to be in your presence, and she always demands your attention.

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