GhPageNewsA must read! Nana Kwame Just Replied Manasseh Azure Awuni again —...

A must read! Nana Kwame Just Replied Manasseh Azure Awuni again — As usual, Epic response!

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Nana Kwame Just Replied Manasseh Azure Awuni

The trolls on Joy fm’s Manasseh Azure versus a certain Nana Kwame’s comments still continues.

Manasseh in an ealier post on his facebook timeline had criticized African CEO’s for holding a conference in Geneva when it could equally have been held in any African city to boost the economy.

Nana Kwame,one of his followers gave an epic response as a comment which has now gone viral.It was trending since yesterday.

Nana asked Manasseh why he held his wedding in Aburi and not his hometown of Bongo to boost the economy in his locality.

After a lengthy trolls towards the Manasseh, the Joy Fm’s investigative journalist replied with an “essay” and in his response to Nana Kwame claimed his comment and was illogical and even to those who think like him.

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After Manasseh’s reply , facebookers were wondering who this “Nana Kwame” is and have been waiting patiently for another epic clapback from him, at least, “Manasseh’s meeter” should come and shut his mouth up again with another epic response.

Lo and behold , Nana has showed up , he was not an “angel” or a “ghost” as some trollers presumed sent from no where to shut the “F” up of “Mr all knowing”

Just some few minutes ago, Nana took to his facebook timeline to give his second comment and response on Manasseh;

He wrote;

Your response fit into fundamentalist theories of epistemic justification; do you think time, energy, and resources were not committed into the choice of the venue – (Geneva: Africa CEOs Conference) ??. As you seemingly struggling to give explanations to your choice for your wedding, so did the planners of the Geneva Conference took into consideration several factors..wisdom is not a repository of an individual. I admire you so much but we all need to be humble when criticizing and analysing issues of national importance. Humanbeings are bound to make mistakes. It takes the grace of God to straightened our path; and a mans humble approach to effect correction. You are who you are because somebody accepted to buy in your news; though not devoid of human erros. We need to approach matters of life with sense of decorum. I still appreciate you

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Nana Kwame Just Replied Manasseh Azure Awuni
Nana Kwame Just Replied Manasseh Azure Awuni

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