Could This Be True?: Stephanie Benson Claims She Broke Her V1rginity Few Hours To Her Wedding


Could This Be True?: Stephanie Benson Claims She Broke Her V1rginity Few Hours To Her Wedding

Promiscuity is nothing new to the entertainment industry all over the world. It’s as old as entertainment goes. And singers are not an exception to that lifestyle.

Admittedly not all of them live that kind of lifestyle but as the saying goes ” a few bad nut destroyed the soup”

But Stephanie Benson the eccentric singer and sister of the Akosua Agyapong, the Veteran musician in Ghana has made some revelations that if true has really given meaning to charity begins at home.

According to Stephanie Benson, the singer that got slain by Ghanaians on social media when she wore a dress looking almost n@ked to a fashion magazine launch a few months back, She only had s3x for the first time in her life few hours to her wedding with her fiancé, John now husband.

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The beautiful and s3xy singer was speaking with Lexis Bill on Joy FM this afternoon when these revelations came up. Stephanie Benson said:

 “I did on the eve of my wedding because I just thought that the whole anticipation of waiting on the wedding night because I know [he] will be drunk, whether you will be able to get it up, you don’t know, so I just thought that let’s just do it the day before”

If these revelations are true, then it goes to say if a person is well trained at home, irrespective of where she finds herself, she will able to control herself and live a chaste life devoid of s3xual escapades. Ladies, learn a thing or two from her.

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