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E-coupons – The new and innovative way to promote your business in Ghana

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Driving new clients and retaining existing ones is undoubtedly the most important target of any business. To stay ahead of your peers in an increasingly competitive business environment, one must always be abreast with the methods and technologies that are available for promotional purposes.

Before the advent of the internet and the popularity of social media, more traditional marketing channels were utilized to various levels of efficiency and success. Billboards, flyers, TV and radio ads, newspaper ads and classifieds, coupons, to name a few.

However, as with every industry, the introduction and current ubiquity of the internet has led to many businesses fine-tuning their marketing strategies to place more focus on internet channels like social media, online publications, and blogs.

The rise of tech giants like Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc., shows the extent to which online marketing services are sought after, as these companies’ most valuable products are their business advertisement services that rake in billions of dollars each year.

Worldwide, e-coupons have been used by many businesses to introduce new products to the market, phase out older stock and reward customer loyalty. Multiple studies worldwide (including one conducted by Coupons Technologies in Ghana) have shown that customers are more likely to purchase more products on discount than they initially plan to.

People also like to share information about good bargains they have had at certain shops or businesses they have visited to their friends and family. Everyone knows that free publicity is the best publicity.

Coupons Technologies, Tema, has introduced its maiden product, COUPONS.COM.GH to the Ghanaian market as a viable and useful platform for businesses to reach out to their potential clients through enticing deals and promotions.

The concept is simple: People are looking out every day for good deals to the top places, hangout spots, and experiences across the country. COUPONS.COM.GH is the platform that allows everyone with an internet connection to find good deals and real-time promotions at these top places.

The website has put together a catalog of the top restaurants, shops, gyms, hangouts, hotels and entertainment centers across the country. These places, from time to time, run enticing promotions on their products and services, and users of the platform can download these coupons and redeem them at the businesses while they are still active.

Coupons can be found in several categories: Restaurants and food delivery, sports and fitness, electronics, health, services, entertainment, etc. Sign up is free for both users and shop or business owners.

Aside offering free e-coupons, the website also offers e-tickets to popular free events across the country. Businesses can sign up for free and create a profile for their place complete with a description of services, photos, location, contact details, directions, etc.

They can then go on to create e-coupons or e-tickets that users can download to their phones or print for free. Users of the platform can use the comments feature to ask questions or make general comments.

The website also has a rating feature that allows users to share their experiences with others as well as recommend places they have previously patronized. This is expected to improve customer service as a whole for businesses around Ghana.

Businesses are encouraged to open a free account on the platform so that they can take advantage of this free-to-use service to boost sales and attract new clients. Click HERE to sign up for your business or call 0203581800 or 0542989431 for inquiries.


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