Woman Arrested in Suhum For Forcibly Fingering & Sucking Boobs Of 14-Year-Old Girl

According to a Daily Guide, a man has been arrested for not only accusing her own 12-year-old daughter as a witch, he also took her to a fetish priest to be exorcised where the fetish priest poured acid into the v*gina of the young girl to force her to confess.

According to the report monitored by Ghpage.com, the father of the girl took her to the fetish priest after she was branded a witch and the source of his failures in life.

The Fetish Priest stuck a stick into her v*gina, pour acid into it and lashed her all over her body in an effort to get the 12-year-old to confess being a witch.

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A 12-year-old girl, resident in Gomoa Antsaadze in the Central Region has been bathed with acid in a bid to exorcise her after her biological father accused her of being a witch.

The victim’s father, Frederick Nettey, 41, a driver reportedly accused her of being behind his failure in life and the financial predicament he finds himself.

The JHS 2 student is said to have fainted at school following which his father was informed about the incident. He arrived at the school and took her to a fetish priest instead of a hospital for the supposed evil spirits to be driven away from her.

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Upon arrival at the Fetish Priest’s abode, the former is said to have subjected the young girl through a dehumanizing ordeal thrusting a stick into her v*gina and subsequently poured acid into her v*gina to force her to admit she is indeed a witch.

Journalist, Benjamin Amuzu who visited the victim at the St Gregory Hospital at Kasoa Liberia Camp after she was abandoned by her father midway into their journey, told Kasapa News that her v*ginal area has been burnt as a result of the acid bath and has sores all over her body with visible cane marks from beating by the Fetish priest.

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A nurse at the hospital disclosed that the girl has had blood infusions because she is anemic as a result of bleeding, and has had her v*gina assessed by a gynecologist to ascertain the extent of the damage.

The suspect (father) is alleged to have collected monies from men after allowing them to sleep with the victim and her elder sister.

The Kasoa District DOVVSU Commander DSP Florence Anaman confirmed the arrest of the suspect, while the police are on a manhunt for the Fetish priest who’s currently on the run.

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