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How to flirt with your lover through text messages – Make your relationship more exciting

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The concept of text messages emerged in the early 2000’s when mobile phone companies added texting to their service plans and it has gradually become the commonest way most couples communicate.

Text messages offer a person the opportunity to say the things that can’t otherwise be said easily. has compiled a list of facts about text messages in relationships that might interest you and help you improve how you deal with your relationships and communication.

1. Married couples text less as their relationship progresses. Don’t freak out. That’s a good thing! It means that they’re communicating more in person than they are through social media and their phones.

2. Too much texting can be bad for your relationship. Relax. You can still talk to each other every day, but the research says that incessantly texting about things that are of no consequence can take its toll on your relationship. Stick to actual conversations and not silence fillers.

3. Men who text more are unhappier in their relationships. This could be connected to men’s egos since their primal instincts program them to expect rewards when they provide for their mate. In this case, they provide affection through texting. Not being rewarded with the same amount of attention can, and will, annoy them.

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4. Women who text more are happier in their relationships. In this regard, it seems that women are fueled by the attention that texting gives them. Whether or not their partner texts as much is of no consequence, unless the frequency is alarming—like when a guy rarely texts.

5. Both men and women are happier when their partner sends them texts that show appreciation or compliments. If you’re worried about items 3 and 4, you can rest easy, because those can be remedied with a simple solution: send texts that matter to you and your partner—preferably ones that show affection and give compliments.

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