These Are The 5 Jobs That Can Bring You Money This Christmas

The year 2017 has some days to scratch the backs of the world. It is a season of love, sharing, merrymaking and a time to take stock of one’s life. It also serves as an opportunity for clever entrepreneurs to make extra income.

Let’s take a look at some menial jobs but Lucrative that people make money out of it during the Christmas season.

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Selling of Christmas decorations

There would be no Christmas without decorations. People make it and sell it at a comfortable price.

Selling of credit cards

We use scratch cards every day, for both voice calls and internet use. Very likely, people would communicate more during the holiday. Most communications are done with the availability of credit and it’s widely done during holidays.


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Photography and video services

There would be no single time that there wouldn’t be a freeze to keep moments memorable. Photography and video services would definitely be in high demand during the festive season.

Selling of soft drinks

Since Christmas is mostly celebrated with kids, the rate at which they demand soft drinks will stand tall. Very likely, there would be gatherings where people would eat and drink. Dealing in soft drinks and pastries could bring in some extra income.

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Courier services

Parcel delivery always comes on when its time for Christmas. Anyone delivering its parcel to his or her loved one is always eager to send it safely to the receiver.Provide this service, and you could earn something extra.

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