The 8 Kidnappers who kidnapped the Canadian girls

Nigerians association in Ghana has articulated their unhappiness over the way in which crimes are linked to the rest of Nigerians dwelling in Ghana. According to the spokesperson for the Nigerian community in Ghana, not all Nigerians living in Ghana are criminals.

The Mr. Ogbonna Keyse who is the spokesperson for the association said the character of the few black-hearted Nigerians does not mirror the principles of the rest of them living in the country.

There is an apparent uneasiness between some Nigerians dwelling in the country and Ghanaians following the recognition of some Nigerians as suspects in various criminal cases.

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“We are sad and worried because we know that the majority of us are not like that. Nigerians are not criminals. Nigerians are not kidnappers. Nigerians are not murderers. Nigerians are good people, hardworking people.” Ogbonna Keyse touted, spokesperson for the Nigerian populace.

Expressing this on Eyewitness News, Ogbonna Keyse stated that a lot of Nigerians have spent so many years in Ghana and built relevant relationships with citizens of Ghana and so such growth must not be permitted to ruin that relationship.

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“So many of us have lived in this country for ages. We have Nigerians that are 60 years old but born in Ghana, meaning that their parents were here over 80 years ago and they have made families and had deep relationships with Ghanaians. So for things like this to come and erode all these good things that have happened between us and our Ghanaian brothers, it is sad and we don’t feel fine about this,” he voiced.

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The two recent controversial abduction issues reported in the nation, thus the two Canadians who were kidnapped in the Ashanti Region and the three girls from Takoradi included four Nigerians.

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Three Nigerians have been apprehended for the abduction of the two Canadian girls while the instance of the three Takoradi girls has a Nigerian standing Trial.

But Ogbonna Keyse trusts that the suspects should be handled as single lawbreakers and the nationality must not be connected with the crime.

“We cannot deny the fact that a few Nigerians have committed crimes or engaged in things that are criminal in Ghana. It doesn’t really have anything to do with being Nigerian as a nationality. It has to be with an individual. The person is a criminal. These are very few people compared to the number of Nigerians in Ghana,” he mentioned

Ghanaian musician Manifest has taken to social media to inform Ghanaians to deceit from apportioning blames on all Nigerians living in Ghana for crimes done by the little.

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The media has been advised to refrain from tagging crimes to a certain group of people as it generates tension.

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