“I do not find Nigerian comedians funnier than Ghanaians” -KSM

Ghanaian actor, director, author and satirist, Kwaku Sintim-Misa professionally known as KSM has disproved claims that Nigerian comedians are funnier than Ghanaian comedians.

In an interview, KSM stated that Nigerian comedians can in no way match up to the Ghanaian comedians.


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“Oh! Yes, definitely. I say that without a doubt if I put up DKB, Lekzy, I am sorry if I haven’t mentioned some of the other names, but I know about Foster, too. If we put them together and really have them prepare for a ‘Ghana Meets Naija’, they will do so well”, he stated.

KSM also pleaded with Ghanaians to be a bit lenient on the comedians and stop discouraging them.

“Ghanaians are being too hard on our comedians. We are extra hard on them and sometimes it discourages them. I do not find Nigerians funnier than Ghanaian comedians. I don’t”, KSM added.

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