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Lady accuses NPP’s Hopeson Adorye of using National Security to stage a robbery at her hotel-Proves claims with CCTV footage

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Two Ghanaian ladies based in Canada have taken to social media to accuse the former Deputy National Security Coordinator in Charge of Airports, Hopeson Adorye of using the National Security to rob them of their valuables during their recent visit to Ghana.

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Ma’Adzepabi Serwaa-Broni

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According to one of the ladies who go by the name Ma’Adzepabi Serwaa-Broni on Facebook, Hopeson Adorye, the national communication team member of the NPP and current Parliamentary candidate for Kpone Akatamanso Constituency led a National Security team disguised as armed robbers to attack them in a hotel.

To back her claims, Ma’Adzepabi Serwaa-Broni shared CCTV footage taken when Mr. Hopeson Adorye came to survey the hotel allegedly before the robbery on her Facebook timeline to back her claims

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Hopeson Adorye

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Ma’Adzepabi Serwaa-Broni wrote on her Facebook page:

I thought of a lot of things I could do today to make your life miserable as you have made mine and that of others by telling the entire world how you had my passport detail, how I was physically present yet you used your name to book my hotel room although you were not the one directly paying the bill, how u provided a driver and a car yet a month later still can’t provide the name of the rental company to myself or to the police.

How the staged robbery took place at 1 pm in the afternoon of October 24th and by 138pm you were already at my hotel seeking another key to enter my room yet I had not informed you of my robbery, how you went snooping in my hotel room yet I had told you earlier that morning that I would be away till 9 pm, how you still cannot give concrete account on what you were seeking in my room since I am not your girlfriend, your sister nor did I owe u anything or had any of your possessions with me, how you called me a witch and threatened my life in the presence of law enforcers screaming like a mad dog, telling me this is not Canada where I can make noise but rather Ghana where you can do anything to me (oh yes you did, you staged and executed my robbery) that Ghana is where the politician is to be respected.

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CCTV footage of Hopeson Adorye

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(I wondered what noise you were referring to because you and I had never had an exchange of words and I wonder what politician you were referring to.. Hmm your boss perhaps..) simply because they suspected you based on the evidence I had provided. According to you Hopeson, the armed robbers would drop my belongings off to a police station somewhere in 3 days, wait

I guess they forgot to do so the moment your fingerprints were taken. Hmm. How you later instructed the hotel manager to block my card, kick me out and hold me to the bill after the successful robbery????, that part was hilarious because one u were not the one paying, two I could pay on my own and three I could simply rent another room under my name in the same hotel which I did and so your blablabla was taken as a bluff.

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CCTV footage of Hopeson Adorye

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You ungrateful being! You had soon forgotten that I secured your safety and provided for your stomach free of charge barely 5 months ago where your bank card could not even withdraw $20 for yourself without struggles, I waited up a night seeking for friends to meet you and secure your discounted hotel room as you could not afford to rent regular price hotel room for just one night, how I brought your awareness on your recent medical condition.

While I was thinking of your well-being as a friend and a sister, you were planning evil against me for some chicken change and perhaps a temporary position or favor.

But it’s ok I will not talk of the above but rather thank you for not ordering the robbers that appeared like national security men to kill me. I HAVE FORGIVEN YOU AS I KNOW U ACTED OUT OF HUNGER, YOU ACTED UNDER INSTRUCTIONS FROM ABOVE you sure did not consider my genuine friendship.

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CCTV footage of Hopeson Adorye

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I also want to gift you with few of the many Cctv video and photo footages I have of u on that unfaithful day and lastly, I want to ask God to bless you accordingly as you celebrate your 50th today Hopeson Yawovi Adorye.
I have forgiven you from the depths of my heart and I pray the people of Kpone Katamanso constituency will not get sidetracked by your petty petty wrongs but continue to have faith in your endless promises and potential help haha. Happy blessed birthday Hopeson.

And oh when you pour that your schnapps to curse me or when you go to some fetish priest to finish me as you had threatened, kindly tell them everything and let them be the judge, I have never wronged you, you did me bad but hey you are completely forgiven. Enjoy your day. ??

In a full response, the lawyers of Mr. Hopeson Adorye have released a statement denying the allegation from Ma’Adzepabi Serwaa-Broni.

The statement went on to explain why Hopeson Adorye was at the hotel and subsequently in the victim’s room. The lawyers explained he went there to check on their safety since he booked the room for Ma’Adzepabi Serwaa-Broni.

The statement went on to demand an apology from the hotel management for releasing the CCTV footage without their client’s consent; failure to do so, the lawyers of Hopeson Adorye threatened to file a lawsuit against the hotel.


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