8 obvious signs a man is with you only for S£X – Ladies please don’t be deceived in 2018

Most ladies hope their relationship leads to make a marriage. And every lady dating does not want to be taken advantage of. Due to that, most ladies become skeptical and wonder if they are dating the right man. 

Most ladies are always searching for the signs that will prove to them their men are serious with them or they are only with them for s*x.

Ladies, here are 8 obvious signs a man is with you only for the s*x. if you see these signs, run!.

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See if he only contacts you after dark

With an exception of tight schedules like that of a doctor or similar profession, if he only contacts you after dar and never when he is at work, be warned my dear, he may only be with you for the s*x.

If your guy only calls you hours after the sun has set below the horizon and the stars come out, chances are, it’s not because he’s in the mood for stargazing but because he’s definitely in the mood for some s*x.

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See if he doesn’t respond to you unless you want to hook up.

If you text him to say, “How’s your day going?” or “How was your big interview?” and you hear nothing all day, then he doesn’t want to make small talk.

But if you text him a casual “I want to see you tonight,” one night, and he cancels other plans to see you, then there is a problem.


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