Readers Mail: “Can You Tell Kumawood’s Ellen Kyei White To Stop Sleeping With My Lover”?

We recently published an article alleging Kumawood Star, Ellen Kyei White is having a s3xual relationship with the ex-husband of another Kumawood actress, Emelia Brobbey.

The publication sparked heavy debate on social between the fans of both actresses. Whiles some was in support of the relationship between Ellen Kyei White and Emelia’s ex-husband, others chastise the beautiful actress for breaking what they called girls rule ( You Don’t date your friend’s ex)


SEE HERE: Gossip:Kumawood Actress Ellen White, allegedly dating Emelia Brobbey’s Ex Husband and that’s inflaming a tussle between the two actresses -Here’s all the gist.

Little did we know this publication will provoke a lady to come out with her own story detailing how the beautiful Ellen Kyei White is gradually stealing her long time boyfriend from her.

Read the unedited email Gina sent to

Hello, Ghana Page.

I have been a follower of your news site for some time now and am really impressed with the good work you guys are doing there. God bless you and keep it up. Please, I have a story  I want you to publish for me and hopefully, it will soften her heart to leave my man alone.

My name is Gina and I have been dating Sylvester Agyapong (Sly) a Kumawood actor for some years now. And I can say we love each other.

Sylvester Agyapong (Sly)

It all started last year when Ellen White cast my husband to be in one of the movies she produced titled “Faults”.

I started getting messages and calls from some of the crew members to be careful of the movement between Ellen and Sly. Since they were working together, I didn’t pay much attention to it.

I started getting worried when even after the movie. They were both always seen together. There were times he will be with her for days and his phone will be off.

But because the production team, actors, and actresses know me, some secretly inform where they were and what they were up to.


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