GhPage Entertainment Here Are The Ten Disrespected But Lucrative Businesseses In Ghana With Photos

Here Are The Ten Disrespected But Lucrative Businesseses In Ghana With Photos

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Ghanaians look down at some jobs and to some extent do not regard such people in the society.Most of the times, people have to throw out the wrath of shame and engage in such jobs to make earns meat.

However, it is revealed that many people in their so-called white color jobs do not make as these people are making.

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Now let’s take a look at such disrespected but lucrative jobs in Ghana.

1. Kayaye

I think no reader of this story will differ with me when I name this job as the number one disrespected job in Ghana. People make a mockery of them when even they are in a tight corner trying to send a load to a point. With how tedious their work is the normal use their monies on drugs and food. Most of them have a sleepless night due to the state of them not getting anywhere to sleep.

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2.Sachet Water Sellers

This business seems to be too lucrative for young graduates since they see it to be disrespectful for a graduate to engage in such business so they rather seek in for white color jobs. Amazingly, these people are making it more than some white color job employees.

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3.Petty traders

You will be shocked when you realize these women taking care of more than 4 people at the senior high school level and at times university level. With this petty trading it might be they will be hiring rooms for their children and even at times with no husbands but will still struggle hard and pay their wards school fees.

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4. Coconut sellers

People normally underestimate coconut sellers but when they give out their sales for a day, you will be shocked. It is realized that these people also invest in other businesses alongside their own.

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5. Commercial driving

It’s so appalling to see a so-called white color job person raining insults on a trotro driver after keeping his or her life safely home. Most trotro drivers started operation with just a car, but now they have more than a car in operation.


Most Ghanaian youth just rush into this kind of job after a failure in especially JHS.This job ranges from motor vehicle repairs to other types. Its noticed today that people cannot do without vehicles. Though the job is disrespectful it makes hundreds of cedis on daily basis. Clearly, no doctor can compare himself to a successful mechanic. Looking at how they dress to work as a mechanic in Ghana, you might think he is mad but make money very well.

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7.Cattle rearing

Looking at how people make money in the rearing of cattle in Ghana, they classify it as a lucrative job. Those who rear cattle become giants in the month of Muslims festivals. It’s a long-term investment which grows slowly but huge at the end. The price of a grown-up cattle can do a lot.

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Many do not value this job in Ghana but if someone takes it upon herself to do it well she makes a lot. As wedding, funerals, parties…etc increases in today, caterers are always tight in preparing orders.

9. Managing KVIP

It might really sound idiotic to tell someone who values prestige to consider managing a KVIP. But you can make it more than a doctor when you build a KVIP in a heavily populated area. With the presence of biogas manufacturing, this job has a great future.

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10. Farming

Its only in Ghana that farming is for the illiterates and the old people. But elsewhere farming is raised to a good standard with good condition for them since without them the world would not have had something to eat. Most of Ghana’s borrowing is solely based on our cocoa but one may ask how is the standard of living of a cocoa farmer.

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