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Unseen photos of Pkay, the cheating boyfriend whom Karen beat up with a slipper

Yesterday, social media was set ablaze when a viral video of a University of Ghana student now identified as Karen striking her cheating lover surfaced online.

Per our checks, the boy who was being struck in the video is known as Papa Kofi Owusu Kwarteng, simply known as Pkay to his friends.

Why was Pkay being struck in the video? According to Karen’s side of the story Pkay was romantically involved with her yet he still went around proposing to other girls.

When she got wind of PKay’s flirtatious actions and confronted PKay but he didn’t seem remorseful. Angered by his lack  of remorse, she picked up a bathroom slipper popularly known in Ghanaian parlance as chalewote and began striking him continuously.

Pkay however did not make an attempt to strike her back. Many are hailing Pkay as a true gentleman others are strongly convinced that he is a coward, popularly known as ‘otoolege’.

Personally, I think Pkay is indeed a gentleman for not striking a lady even though he was obviously being provoked. If it had been the other way round, Ghanaians would have lost their cool and cried foul.

GhPage.com has chanced upon some pictures of Pkay and from what we’ve seen, Pkay is a very handsome gentleman.


Wouldn’t you agree that Pkay a handsome gentleman?

On a more serious note, many onliners including GhOne’s news anchor and editor, Nana Aba Anamoah have urged Pkay to file a report with the police and subsequently sue Karen for assaulting him?

What would Pkay do? Everyone is curious. We have reached out to him to hear his side of the story and what he intends to do about the whole situation.

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