Van Vicker
Van Vicker

Celebrated Ghanaian actor Joseph Van Vicker better known as Van Vicker has called out movie producer Kofi Asamoah for his utterances made about black mentality.

The KOFAS Media boss who is currently in the United States of America took to his Instagram page to denigrate black mentality.

Without mincing words, Kofi blatantly said, “no-one can prove otherwise, whites are wiser than the blacks”.

He ranted and even described the decision of former president Kwame Nkrumah to sack whites after independence as a great mistake.

This comment from the renowned filmmaker was received with mixed emotions, some applauded his boldness while others objected.

Van Vicker has voiced out his disappointment in the comments that came from the KOFAS Media boss.

In a lengthy post spotted on Instagram, Van disclosed that Kofi’s role as a filmmaker was an avenue to portray blackness positively and not otherwise.

He mentioned great achievements by black people and implored Kofi to as a “black man” to use his movies to provide solutions to the problems he raised.

The post reads, “As I watched a video @1kofiasamoah posted I was deeply afflicted. He is a movie producer makin a name 4 himself. @ 1time tho I never meant him wished him success. I surmise Kofi Asamoah meant well wit his video, not sure tho if he was inspiring, condemning or a bit of both. U see, I’ll not castigate him or use boorish words but I wish 2 express my adverse fate @ his choice of words. How can he perpetuate such a disposition? Hard truth or not it is preposterous. As a colleague film maker he is 2 help change the mind set of the next generation, BLACK & WHITE. He is 2 project Ghana & Africa in a manner that the World will hanker 4. Kofi, speak the chapter & verse but provide solutions in your films. Sorry, but I’ll not mince my words, I’m utterly disgruntled @ his utterances that “a Black Man can never be wiser than a White Man” because I expect him 2 know better. Wait, who says that anyways? In this era where even the underdeveloped nations are scrambling though gradually, 2 be a leader at bleeding edge technologies? No 1 has time for such trivial words. BLACK & WHITE can make this World a better place; 2gether. Unequivocally, there R uncountable BLACK MEN who R wise, successful & powerful. Just 2 give Kofi a glimpse of enlightenment: When he sits in his car & changes the AUTOMATIC GEAR SHIFT, he should thank THE BALCK MAN, whilst he is @ the TRAFFIC LIGHT he should do same, thank THE BLACK MAN. Everytime he looks @ his WATCH he shld thank THE BLACK MAN. When he steps out & the AUTOMATIC ELEVATOR DOOR CLOSES he shld thank THE BLACK MAN. When he switches on the ELECTRIC LAMP in his living room, he shld thank THE BLACK MAN. When kofi takes a dunk 3 times a day in his MODERN TOILET he better thank THE BLACK MAN. When he takes his girls out & gets them POTATOE CHIPS how can he not thank THE BLACK MAN. If Kofi in his life time sees a live BLIMP WITH ELECTRIC MOTOR & DIRECTIONAL CONTROLS he will thank THE BLACK MAN. I’m not sure he has SECURITY CAMERAS @ his home but he must thank THE BALCK MAN 4 those @ the Flag Staff House. And God forbid that Kofi would need blood from a BLOOD BANK, he will most definitely thank THE BLACK MAN. #theyounggodfather

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Vicker started out in the entertainment world in radio as a presenter at Groove 106.3 fm and Vibe 91.9 fm.

Van Vicker appeared in the Ghanaian television series Suncity and has since been prolific in the movie industry which has won him many awards.

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