[Video]King James Version of the Bible is for homo$exuals & Rastafarians – Counselor Luterrodt

Counselor George Lutterodt will never cease to amaze his listeners on his stands on societal issues.

Whenever Counselor is part of Radio/TV discussion, then you should be sure to hear some ridiculous declarations and absurd statements from this popular Counselor in Ghana.

In as much as he anything can come out of the mouth of the Counselor few ever expected Counselor Lutterodt who happens to be a Reverend Pastor to know better and not speak derogatorily against the Bible.

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Speaking on Okay FM’s Ofie Kwanso with Abeiku Santana, the counselor revealed that the King James Version of the Bible is for homos3xuals and Rastafarians and it is not original because it was not translated directly from the Greek manuscript.

The Reverend Minister who frantically tried to explain his position to the host Abeiku Santana said people should use the New International Version (NIV) because that was translated directly from the Ancient Greek manuscript.

“King James Bible is not the original manuscript, the translation was made by a gayy, so if you want to read the bible and understand what it is about, use the NIV, new international version, that is direct from the Greek word.”

“Anytime anybody is reading King James, they read it so that it will fill their whims and caprices, so Gayys, Rastafarians and those who want to do their things use King James”, he said.

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Counselor Lutterodt further advised Christians to use NIV Along side the King James Version of the bible in order not to be deceived by people who wrote the King Jams Version of the bible.

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  1. I don’t agree with that counselor am not sure he knows anything and am also sure he does no research to find out what is happening in our christian world…the NIV bible he is talking apart has been edited… The vital message we need to know has been removed from it because research has it that the person who owns this satanic church in the UK and also edit the satanic bible has bought the NIV bible society…….so readers just analyze this from your NIV bibles if u have one in your homes….the end time is really near and everything the Bible said about the end time is here..the holy Scriptures wrote that when the end time is end will not be able to reach to our bibles apart from the word we have in us,and it is here happening gradually…


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