I wanted to be a businessman and not a musician – Mr Eazi

Mr Eazi performing on stage
Mr Eazi

Mr Eazi, a singer from Nigeria who now resides mostly in Ghana, has revealed that it was never his intention to venture into music.

The once-smooth vocalist has since transformed into a full-fledged business tycoon with interests across Africa.

His enterprises include several different types, such as sports betting, venture financing, and the discovery of musical talent through his emPawa Africa program.

Many have questioned how he made the adjustment, how seamless it was, and how effective he has been.

How did it happen was the final question that a perceptive Nigerian journalist posed.

Mr Eazi admitted that he had never wanted to be a musician. God-given him a “sexy” voice, he claimed, and that was all he was using.

He confessed that his real dream, which had been his motivation for starting his own business, had been to be financially independent ever since he was sixteen.

See screenshot of his tweet below:

Mr Eazi tweet