Angry Valentina Nana Agyeiwaa, Popularly known as Afia Schwarzenegger has sent a strong warning to Hitz FM presenter MzGee to stay away from discussing her because she has a tall list of men married MzGee has slept with.

The Hitz FM presenter as a panelist was on Berla Mundi’s “Late Afternoon Show” to discuss trending showbiz issues in 2017.

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According to MzGee on the show, Ghanaians did not sympathize with Afia Schwarzenegger when a video her husband took when he caught her being bonked by another man got leaked on social media because Afia has a ‘bad’ character.

This statement has not gone down well with the Afia who has described MzGee as someone who dresses like a slave. She further warned her to back off her issues because she has a list of men MzGee has slept with.

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Considering the fact that MzGee is married, the release of such a list if indeed it exists will definitely soo much tension in the presenter’s home. Time will tell.

Reacting to the Berla Mundi show on Instagram, Afia Schwarzenegger posted:

Dear people with good character sleeping with people's husbandssss .. My bad character doesn't extend to someone's matrimonial home;my bad character doesn't extend to sleeping with peope'ls husband for job nor doing make up at @nancyblaq on credit,i don't rent clothes to slay either.. Its a pity that things like these can open their mouth to talk about character… Becos some of us due to the respect we have for some people has chosen to be silent on things… Madam Character…may be the host of the Character show didnt tell you that she is blackmailing someones husband for her job and becos the husband is a friend to the boss they kept her.. Madam good character tell your host we know her relationship with Mr Adams who is also married n a politician..making it already 2 married men. Yes,my character is "not to take nonesense from nitwits" like thee and heaven n earth will bare me witness it s better than warming the beds of married man…atleast i married,yours is just Ashawo to rent clothes for social media likes…So Sit ur fucking turkey clothes ass down n be humble…cos your characters are disgusting to say the least…we see all of you all the time but u see ur Ashawo business is none of my business!!! Character my ass…How dare u talk about marriage when even ur dog has refused to propose to you…foolish girls,how dare u…foolish ambassadors of abortion. How dare u talk about relationship aboa when every thing that have sex with you denies you…And when u want to talk about me pls wear better clothes…yall look like slaves Dont dare me cos i have ur list

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