Everything about the ‘war’ among CJ Biggerman’s mum, Blue Ivy and Mummy Dollarz?

CJ Biggerman’s mum, Blue Ivy and Mummy Dollarz lyrical war

The lyrical war between Ghanaian rapper CJ Biggerman’s mother, Big Ivy, and Ghanaian comedian Oluwa Dollarz’s mother, Mummy Dollarz, has intensified.

Mummy Dollarz started the contest after responding to Big Ivy’s debut release and netizens asking for a response on social media.

Mummy Dollarz responded with a hot rap song that went viral on social media. Following the release, Ghanaians demanded a response from her Ghanaian counterpart, Big Momma, aka Big Ivy on social media, and a response was delivered a few weeks later.

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The song has already received thousands of streams on digital music stores and the video-sharing platform YouTube.