Funny face is disgracing Ghana to the Europeans over baby mama issue – Twene Jonas


The US-based Ghanaian social media sensation, Twene Jonas has joined the list of notable Media Personalities who have added their voices to Funny Face baby mama drama.

Funny Face and the mother of his twins, Ama Vanessa have for months now been having a marital issue with the two exposing each other, a dominating topic on social media.

Twene Jonas asserting his concerns amid the brouhaha in a new video mentioned that it’s high time friends and family of the comic actor come together and put him in order.

According to him, Funny Face’s fight with Ama Vanessa on social media is disgracing Ghana to the Europeans thus tarnishing the image of the country at the international level.

The social media ‘star’ remarked that issues about relationships should be solved by the families involved and it shouldn’t be dragged on social media like how Funny Face has been doing for over a month.

Meantime, Kwaku Manu has addressed the same issue calling on people to rather help Funny Face but not urge him on to continue posting his personal stuff on social media.

He disclosed that Funny’s situation shouldn’t be taken lightly as he needs prayers because it may have some spiritual connection.

Unhappy about how matters are worsening, Kwaku Manu aka ‘Bob Ciga’ told Funny Face to stop taking weed or any other hard drugs which he may be on to relieve pain.

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