Ghanaian lady born with two “toto” and wombs shares her story

It is very rare to come across people who have some medical conditions that are hidden from the public let alone for them to open up fearing the stigmatizing that comes along with it.

A Ghanaian woman based in the UK has shared known as Elizabeth Amoah has come out to share her story of living and enjoying life whiles having two vaginas and two wombs.

Elizabeth who shared her story with Giovani Caleb on 3FM’s Drive show revealed that she got to know of her condition in 2015 after an MRI scan and has so far undergone 7 medical surgeries.

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Elizabeth Amoah

“I discovered I had a double womb and a double vagina canal in 2015 after an MRI scan, so I had to undergo about 7 surgeries”, She shared.

The scan, according to her, also detected she had Endometriosis: a sexual disorder in which tissues linings of the uterus grows outside the uterus.

She explained having a double vagina means “having one vagina outside and the other inside”.

She added that the double womb usually does not come with any symptoms but rather exposes one to health challenges such as irregular periods, fibroids, irregular fainting and in some instances cause infertility.

“I had a premature baby after four years of not conceiving, and going through such health situations wasn’t easy,” she said.

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She noted the condition is not common in women, saying “research says it can be found in one out of 350 women and the person might not even know she has it”.


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