7 Parliamentarians to be kidnapped and 2 to be killed by angry Ghanaian youth- Snr Servant Joemens prophesies

Founder and leader of Heaven Investment Chapel (HIC, The City Of God) located at Odumanse GP in Sunyani in the Bono Region of Ghana, Snr Servant Prosper Joemens Rohrmiller has warned the security agencies and Parliamentarians to be extremely careful following a prophecy he has had concerning the august house.

According to Snr Servant Prosper Joemens Rohrmiller, in a vision, he saw Ghanaians wailing after 7 Ghanaian Parliamentarians were kidnapped by some angry and bitter Ghanaian youth.

In the vision from God, he saw two Ghanaian parliamentarians killed by same angry Ghanaian youth after the 7 were kidnapped.

Snr Servant Prosper Joemens Rohrmiller

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Speaking with Ghpage.com, Snr Servant Prosper Joemens Rohrmiller revealed that, the disturbances observed in parliament yesterday, 5th July 2019 was just tipped off the iceberg and he is pleading with Parliamentarians and government as a whole to not ignore the needs of the youth.

Snr Servant Prosper Joemens Rohrmiller said to Ghpage.com editor who spoke with him after his show as the Host pastor of Heaven Dew Radio on Heaven 97.7 FM in Sunyani:

7 parliamentarians will be kidnapped 2 will be killed if attention is not given to the youths parliament house will be set on fire. They should not ignore the youth, there are more to it that what happened yesterday!

According to Snr Servant Prosper Joemens Rohrmiller, the high level of unemployment, hardship, the extreme display of wealth by politicians and the reckless abuse of power by those in power is making the youth lose hope in the democracy and many of them are determined to take the power into their own hands.

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Snr Servant Prosper Joemens Rohrmiller

He cautioned the government to start putting measures in place to make life comfortable for the teeming unemployed youth. He also cautioned the youth in use of violence to achieve their aim.

The man of God added that “he who lives by the sword dies by the sword” so the youth should take note and desist from the use of violence

It was the same man of God, Snr Servant Prosper Joemens Rohrmiller who prophesied on September 26, 2018, that there will be a disturbance in parliament and some people will be arrested.

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ON 5th July 2019, 3 people leading a protest in parliament were arrested for causing disturbances and disruption in parliamentary proceedings.

At the same time, hundreds were gathered outside the building chanting war songs and demanding parliament abandon the planned decision to borrow $200 million from India to build a new chamber.

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