Here Are The Multi-Dollar Companies You Didn’t Know Yvonne Okoro Owns Them

Yvonne Okoro relationship stephen appiah
Yvonne Okoro With Stephen appiah

Not many of the fans I believe are aware that, aside showbiz, Yvonne Okoro is one of the most successful entrepreneurs.

Award-winning actress Yvonne Okoro as an entrepreneur has established a multi-purpose company called Desamour Company Ltd. that offers services in commercial advertising, public relations and media consultancy, event management and real estates.

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The actress speaking on Peace Fm’s entertainment review and as monitored by talked about how she makes her money whiles she has incessantly complained that the movie industry doesn’t pay anymore.

studying law yvonne okoro
The Okoro Sisters

When asked how she was able to afford her Mercedez Benz C Class she revealed;

“I own several companies that pay me.I think that’s what people do not know.I have a transportation company, I mean, I have cars that work for me.”

Yvonne had earlier debunked rumors which stated that she deals in coke and also added added;

“I have a catering company, another production company called Desamour Company Ltd. which is into services such as commercial advertising, public relations and media consultancy, event management and real estates”

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Yvonne Okoro aside showbiz has good academic credentials. She wields a Bachelor of Arts Degree from the University of Ghana and was at the Universite’ De Nantes in France to study Press Civilization, Drama and Marketing.

She is currently studying Law.

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