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Now Single? Here’s what to do with your extra time.

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Being in a relationship means mostly thinking about your partner, what you planned to do and the level you have decided to get to.

It is therefore heartbreaking to have something that was once beautiful come to a premature end especially when you’re not ready to let go. But you seem not to have any control over them as they have made up their mind to leave.

So now they’ve left and you have enough time to spare doing other things. What should you do?

  1. Hit the gym.

Having a gym session will help reduce stress (as being in a relationship is stressful). It will also take your attention off your breakup and help you heal quickly as the body produces endorphins that help minimize discomfort and pain. Whilst doing this, you will still put your body in shape which will make you look more attractive. Its like killing two birds with a stone.

2. Learn a new skill.

A quick research about the most successful people in the world will reveal to you that those at the top of their game are those who are quick at learning new skills. Being single gives you the opportunity to up your game and become a better you. Make a commitment to spend at least one hour of your spare time learning about IT, home repairs, playing an instrument, fixing shoes etc… Just anything that will ensure that you’ve gained a new skill instead just binge eating or watching television endlessly.

3. Concentrate on building your career.

Now that you’ve committed to learning new skills, translate them into your career and build on it. Building your career will provide you with the opportunity to shape your life the way you want it.  Now that you don’t have any lover to distract you, commit to building a solid brand out your career make the money flow in. you deserve that.

4. Involve yourself in charity works.

One way to build your inner man and make good use of your time is to volunteer for organizations that are into charity works. When you do this, you improve upon the lives of the less privileged and this greatly impacts your life and that of others. You get a sense of meaning knowing that you’re the reason someone less fortunate is smiling.

5. Have fun.

Enjoy life as it is. You only live once. Travel, have fun, meet new people, create new things and make sure you celebrate yourself as you do so. Take the time to stretch your wings and fly high to see the world. You will be amazed at what you will find.

You don’t have to live a boring life because you’re single. Make your life worth your while until you meet someone who will love you unconditionally.

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