Home Entertainment REVEALED: Rick Ross Weight Loss Diet and Secret(PHOTOS)

REVEALED: Rick Ross Weight Loss Diet and Secret(PHOTOS)

REVEALED! Rick Ross Weight Loss Diet and Secret

Have you recently seen rapper Rick Ross latest appearance? You will be in a doubt. Where there were series of fats and body handles, there are now strong and healthy-looking muscles.

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Rick Ross has undergone a metamorphosis and has even cut some inches on his plus size clothes.

But do you know how he lost weight from an unbelievable 350 pounds to something just less than 250 pounds? Find out in Rick Ross weight loss secret in this article.

Rick Ross Weight Loss

Before the top celebrated hip-hop rapper realized just how risky his overweight was, Rick Ross could only think of performing shows, eating, and sleeping. To him, that is the perfect definition of life.

However after two subsequent illnesses which almost cost him his life in a single day, Rick Ross woke up to a shocking truth- he needed to do something.

By then he was weighing 350lbs. currently, the rapper has lost over 75lbs which he did in just 7 months. But to gain this, he had to start taking exercises seriously and also watch his diet.

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The 42-year-old Rick Ross first rose to fame after he produced his first single in 2006, and even though he was famed worldwide, Rick Ross was struggling with his weight off the screens.

As of late, the media has picked up his new fresh look and if you have seen one, he looks slimmer and well put. In less than a year, the rapper had lost so much of his weight and was even looking happier.

This, obviously sparked interest from fans and they all wanted to know how Rick Ross loses weight.

Rick Ross answering the fans demands graced the Men’s Health magazines to narrate all her weight loss secret.

Rick Ross Weight Loss Interview

In an interview with Men’s Health, Rick Ross admitted that even though he still pursues his career, his health is number one on his list.

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Now, he is proud of his new look and feels great about his body. He said he first had to accept that his body had a problem. Then, he willed himself to tackle the problem. Today, instead of storing excessive fats, he is gaining more muscle.

He added in the interview that, he notes that it is of no importance to restrict you on diet but rather you should just take one step at a time.

Though he still eats his favorite foods, only that he is keen on what time he eats them and how he sheds off the calories.

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