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The Things Some Women Can Do: Mother-In-Law Catches Son’s Wife Cheating (Watch Video)

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A woman, known only as Mayra, was caught cheating by her husband’s parents after they found the woman’s lover hiding under the bed (video below).

In a bizarre and wildly popular video clip, the woman’s in-laws apparently ambushed Mayra while she was home alone with the man, according to the Mirror. The husband’s mother, as well as other members of his family, surprised Mayra at her apartment and demanded they be let inside.

“Why did you not you call me?” Mayra can be heard protesting nervously. “And why do you want to come in now?”

Without much recourse but to allow her mother-in-law inside the apartment, Mayra opened the door to her husband’s family. Immediately, the mother-in-law began frantically searching the apartment for signs of Mayra’s lover.

“Where do you have him?” the mother-in-law demanded and she searched the apartment.

After searching other areas of the apartment, the mother-in-law pushed the bed aside in the bedroom to discover that Mayra was hiding a man underneath.

“Look at this — you are here,” the mother-in-law says after she makes the discovery. “Get out, let him get out,” she continued.

Once the lover clambered out from underneath his hiding spot, the mother-in-law begins battering him with her hands, leaving him to shield his face from the furious slaps. Mayra, meanwhile, is locked in a scramble with her husband’s sister-in-law who had helped with the search.

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As the mother and sister-in-law gain control of the two philanderers, they start to shove them towards the door and out of the apartment. The mother-in-law loudly proclaims that the marriage between Mayra and her son is certainly over.

“My son does not deserve that. Now, you go with him,” ordered the mother-in-law. “You should leave the house Mayra.”

The video took place in Colombia. Colombians are the most unfaithful of all Latin Americans, a 2010 survey by Colombia Reports found. Of the people polled, more than two-thirds of all Colombians admitted to cheating on their partner at least once. The poll found 63 percent of all Latin Americans admitted the same, but the rate in Colombia is the highest in the continent.

Colombians also feel they are the most attractive people in Latin America, with 88 percent of respondents saying they see themselves as “sexier” than people from surrounding countries.

The report found 70 percent of Colombian men admitted to stepping out on their partner “once or twice,” while 59 percent of women admitted to infidelity.


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Credit: Mirror, Colombian reports


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