GhPageNewsWoman arrested for insulting Nana Addo

Woman arrested for insulting Nana Addo

According to a report by Ghana Web, Madam Salamatu Mohammed has been arrested following her viral video of insulting and wishing Nana Addo dead.

The video which landed Madam Salamatu Mohammed into a pit of trouble has since raised eyebrows on the internet after receiving mixed reactions from social media users.

Madam Salamatu lamented in the condemned video that;

Akufo-Addo, we are begging you in the name of God; we cannot even afford pots to cook our food. Do you want us to use your head to cook?

“Now the price of an aluminium cooking pot has increased from 6 million (GHC 600) to 12 million (GHC 1200). Why?”.

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God will punish you. Can’t you kill this man, Ghanaian witches and northern ritualists?I have four children; do you know the feeding fees I pay? Do you know the feeding fee, I am going to pay today… Idiot,”

Check out the video below to know more…

Below are some of the reactions from Ghanaians who have come across the report of Madam Salamatu Mohammed’s arrest;

Yakubu Abdul-RaufIs wishing someone dead an insult? What charges can they prefer against her ? Me i don’t wish him dead but God will judge him for us. The hardships that he has put me and my family in, I will never forgive him.

Doreen Akwayena Mahama is still the most insulted Head of State we’ve ever had in this Country the typical him will crack a joke out of it and laugh which annoy’s some of us but looking back i think that’s the best way to go.Those who seek political powers should always be ready for it consequence when things become unbearable for fellow Citizens.

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Gaa IlonaAt times hardship can let you say things you don’t mean to say. If things were ok, people would have equally been praising him. He should stop the vindictiveness and do the needful. People are suffering Mr. Nebu.

Akomis GeorgeSuch stupidity ,who received insults in this country than JM,who did he arrest? When we complain of thier impunity n intolerance den they say its an exaggeration ,just imagine .I keep saying this ,we are too patient in this country .this is so so infuriating

Agyeibea Janet If not the hardship in Ghana this woman will not insult him. She is just frustrated feeding the kids with 3 square a meal each day is not easy. God bless JM we all insulted him but he never arrested anyone .

Godfred AnthonyI don’t support any insults to our leaders, but hardship n Hunger can make the citizens to do things abnormal, including insults. After All a hungry Man is a angry Man. Hmmmmm

Enomfon EyoShe was so wrong, but if our own president want to react n punish us accordingly for insulting n abusing him, none of Nigerians could remain for their house, cells n prison could be our home. But we should always be mindful of what we spit of out from our mouth whenever we r angry, so that it won’t end us at wherever we wouldn’t have expect

Herty Ablavi CoffieSomeone enter Mahama church to kill him but they ended up saying he was mentally unstable. Eii Autocratic Nana. A complete failure

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