Xandy Kamel removes her Pioto on live TV

It’s now clear Xandy Kamel, the fast-rising Ghanaian actress will do anything for attention. After getting a man to fondle her breast on live TV, Xandy has removed her panty on live TV again TO prove she is ready to do anything for fame.

In an interview with Kofi TV on how se*x scenes are shot in movies, Xandy Kamel was asked if she can take off her pants right at the moment and the actress said yes.

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When dared to do it by the host, Xandy Kamel did not think twice about it and went ahead to remove her white panty live on air.

Xandy Kamel

The controversial and outspoken actress did not waste even a moment and showed her panty to the viewers to examine.

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Xandy has done a lot of things to generate news in the entertainment industry including being fondled but this seems to be the biggest of it all…lol

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