Meet the Ghanaian female vulcanizer, Sandra Sam who does the work perfectly

Meet the Ghanaian female vulcanizer, Sandra Sam who does the work perfectly

The world is indeed facing tremendous growth in a time of revolution, various studies show that most male gender-related jobs are now being explored by female genders.

An example of such story is Sandra Sam, the female vulcanizer who does the vulcanizing job perfectly.

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Meet the Ghanaian female vulcanizer, Sandra Sam who does the work perfectly

According to Sandra, she used to work as security personnel but later chose to join the ‘mechanic’ business which she revealed was motivated by her love for male-dominated jobs.

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Narrating her experience on the journey, the young lady said, “At first it was hard but now it’s better.”

Sandra Sam concluding her interview also mentioned that she has an intention to open her own mechanic shop one day.

Watch the inspiring video below…

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Hi loves?meet Sandra Sam? she is a Vulcanizer. Realize how I didn’t say “Female” Vulcanizer. Regardless of your gender, if you can do a job, you should have the opportunity to do the job If you can’t, you shouldn’t be there Male or Female! ?Women’s Choices,resources and biases against them are affecting their career preferences. Many who do work in male dominated careers face challenges of lack of support,voice and acknowledgement of their balance between home life and their careers. The women, in turn, can create connections through affinity groups to gain support and collaboration. ?There are various actions companies can take to reduce women’s feelings of inequality. One example is to let women manage their own schedules, which can facilitate women’s balancing act between home and work. Companies can be more proactive to properly create a system in which women are comfortable and valued in their male dominated careers. ?By incorporating some of these measures, women will feel more balanced with their male counterparts in the workplace, thus helping them to be more productive to the company, creating more satisfying and successful workplace experience for all employees. Cc: Janelle Gaines.

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We wish Madam Sandra Sam a piece of very good luck in all her endeavors as a female Vulcanizer.

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