You’re also corrupt because you tempt police officers with money – Ghana Police service to Ghanaians

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Ghana Police Service

The Deputy Director-General of the Ghana Police Service in charge of Private Services Organisation, DCOP Kojo Antwi Tabi has strongly opined that the Ghanaian public is as corrupt as the police if the perception is anything to go by.

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Speaking in an interview with Joy News, the high-ranking police officer entreated Ghanaians to stop giving money to its officers and then turn around to brand the entire law enforcement agency as corrupt

As explained by DCOP Kojo Antwi Tabi, most Gnanaisn who are arrested by the police for committing crimes and other offences don’t want to be subjected to the laws of the land, so they are the first to offer bribes to the arresting officers to get off the hook.

In his own words;

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The members of the public too must be blamed for their accusation that they are making. They are also equally guilty, because if you do not give the Police money, he cannot take it from your pocket. If you commit an offense and the Police wants to charge you for court, you have to allow yourself to go through the due process.

“At times, even when you go to court, the offense may not attract a serious fine. But when you tempt the Police with money, when you do not want to go to court, then you are giving an unscrupulous Police chance to demand any amount of money, because you are not willing to allow yourself to go to court,”

We have been talking to them, we have been training them, and from time to time, those who are offenders, that is, the policemen who are found to have collected money or to have extorted money or done something unlawfully, we normally punish them or dismiss them.”

DCOP Kojo Antwi Tabi’s controversial submission follows the findings of the latest Afrobarometer survey carried out by the Ghana Center for Democratic Development (CDD), indicating that 65% of Ghanaians perceive the Ghana Police Service as the most corrupt institution in the country at the moment.

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